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Hip pain

When everyday things such as running, sitting, getting up or bending over cause problems, and when a beloved hobby such as hiking, dancing or other sports is restricted by hip pain, your quality of life is significantly reduced.

Our hips are constantly exposed to great stress. Even when walking normally, they support three times our body weight, and when jogging even seven times more. Athletes often put excessive strain on their hip joints, however problems can also arise under normal strain.

Hip pain is not always immediately triggered by osteoarthritis, although this is a very common cause. For example, hip impingement can occur if the femoral head and socket do not fit together properly.

Hip pain is not always caused by the joint itself but rather the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments), for example resulting from muscular problems due to poor posture.

There are therefore various reasons for hip pain and each has its own set of symptoms. A comprehensive physical examination will determine the specific causes of your hip pain, and if necessary an X-ray, MRI or CT imaging will be carried out.

Many hip problems can be treated conservatively, in other words without surgery. In the course of a personal consultation we will explain the various treatment options to you and work with you to find an individual treatment solution.

Should an operation be necessary, the latest minimally invasive techniques and only the highest quality materials will be used. Certain interventions are also possible arthroscopically ("keyhole surgery").  

Hips – an overview of our treatments

Arthroscopic (keyhole) hip surgery

Revision prosthetics
(prosthesis replacement operations)

Minimally invasive/muscle-sparing joint replacement (total hip prosthesis)

Open correction operations/axis correction

Surgical hip dislocation for hip impingement/offset corrections

Traumatology/trauma surgery of the hip

Your specialists for hip problems in our practice

Dr Carsten Helfrich

Specialist for Orthopaedic Surgery and
Traumatology of the Musculoskeletal System

Main focus: hips, knees

Dr Urs Kohlhaas

Specialist for Orthopaedic Surgery and
Traumatology of the Musculoskeletal System
Sports medicine, SEMS

Main focus: hips, knees

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