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Dr Moritz Dau

Specialist FMH, Sports medicine, SEMS (Sport & Exercise Medicine Switzerland)
Interventional pain management SSIPM (Swiss Society of Interventional pain management)
Ultrasound on the musculoskeletal system SGUM (Swiss Society for Ulatrasound in Medicine)
Manual medicine/Chirotherapy SAMM (Swiss Society of Manual Medicine)
Entire musculoskeletal system & spine

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Moritz Dau’s first degree focused on orthopaedics, sports medicine and emergency medicine. He came to Switzerland in 2003, drawn by his great love of the countryside and mountains. In 2005 he worked for a knee and shoulder specialist in Bern, from 2007 for over three years at the Schulthess Clinic in Zurich with a focus on orthopaedics/rheumatology, sports medicine and spinal surgery, and from 2010 on he worked for almost five years at the Pain Clinic in Basel, primarily in interventional pain management. As a mountain and expedition doctor, he has accompanied numerous tours in the Alps, Andes and Himalayas and as an emergency doctor he manned the Airglacier rescue helicopter in Lauterbrunnen for a year. He has tended to various sports clubs and teams and has many years of experience treating amateur, professional and top athletes. During his extensive training, he has gained additional qualifications in sports medicine, manual medicine, interventional pain management and ultrasound on the musculoskeletal system. In addition to his practical work, he has been a long-time lecturer at the Academy for Naturopathy in Basel and is regularly invited to be a guest speaker at congresses and training courses. He is a consultant and instructor for minimally invasive injection techniques, especially in the spine. Since 2015 he has been a partner and location manager of Orthopädie am Rhy in Rheinfelden.

Range of services

Dr Moritz Dau specialises in conservative and interventional treatment/management methods for the entire musculoskeletal system, in particular the spine. His focus is on diagnostic ultrasound and interventional pain management as well as manual medicine and sports medicine. His treatment methods collectively aim to heal without surgical intervention and in full knowledge of the surgical options. Multimodal treatment concepts are established individually, with an emphasis on scientifically proven “evidence based” medicine. Dr Moritz Dau has specialised in biological regenerative medicine since the early days of his career, with PRP autologous blood therapy playing an important role.

Since 01/01/2015: Partner and location manager at the Orthopädie am Rhy practice in the Parkresort Rheinfelden

06/2010 – 12/2014: Interventional pain management, rheumatology, manual medicine at the Schmerzklinik pain clinic in Basel

Since 2011: Lecturer at the Academy for Naturopathy in Basel

04/2007 – 05/2010: Orthopaedics, rheumatology, spinal surgery, interventional pain management, manual medicine and sports medicine at the Schulthess Clinic Zurich

04/2006 – 05/2007: General, emergency and mountain medicine, CareMed practice and Air Glaciers ambulance and air rescue, Lauterbrunnen

01/2005 – 12/2005: Sports Orthopaedics Bern, focus on knee/shoulder, Klinic Sonnenhof

2005 – 2011: Medical support for alpine projects and expeditions in the Andes, Alps and the Himalayas

Since 2005: Various lectures, publications and book contributions; regular engagements as a speaker at national and international congresses and courses

2005: Lecturer in physiotherapy training in Bern

06/2004 – 12/2004: Surgery/trauma surgery at the district hospital in Lörrach

2003 – 2015: Sports medicine and emergency medical care for various clubs, teams and competitions (Football Gryzzlies Bern, Handball GC Amicitia Zürich, Volleyball Volero Zürich, ice hockey EHC Basel, ski racing, motocross, boxing)

04/2003 – 05/2004: Surgery/trauma surgery in the Saanen Hospital, Bernese Oberland

02/2002 – 03/2003: Internal medicine at the Bürgerhospital, Frankfurt am Main 

2013: Professional Education and Training Diploma in ultrasound for the musculoskeletal system, DGUM and SGUM

2011: Professional Education and Training Diploma in Interventional pain management, SSIPM

2009: Specialist in general internal medicine, FMH

2009: Expertise in radiation protection and high-dose x-ray

2009: Professional Education and Training Diploma in professional practice laboratory

2008: Professional Education and Training Diploma in manual medicine/chiropractic, DGMSM and SAMM

2006: Professional Education and Training Diploma in sports medicine, DGSM and SGSM

2006: International Diploma of Mountain Medicine, SGMM

2005: Additional qualification in rescue service/emergency medicine (emergency doctor)

2003: Doctorate at the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

2001: 3rd State examination (grade: very good)

2000: Practical year including gynaecology/obstetrics University Hospital Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Emergency Department Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago; Orthopaedic Surgery University of Sydney; Orthopaedics University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

1994 - 2001: Medical degree at the J. W. Goethe University Frankfurt

1997: American state examination, USMLE Step 1 

• Aargau Medical Association (AAV)

• Basel Medical Society (MedGes)

• German Society for Ultrasound (DEGUM)

• Association of Swiss doctors (FMH)

• Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Management (SSIPM)

• Swiss Medical Association for Manual Medicine (SAMM)

• German Society for Musculoskeletal Medicine (DGMSM)

• Society for Sport & Exercise Medicine Switzerland (SEMS)

• Swiss Society for Mountain Medicine (SGGM)

• Swiss Society for Ultrasound Medicine (SGUM) 

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